Friends of the Center

Friends of the Center

2007-2008 Friends of the JL Teacher Center

Twenty years ago the “Friends” of Jefferson-Lewis Teacher Center was founded in a time of crisis. Funding for Teacher Centers had been eliminated from the New York State budget, and in order to continue to provide some of the services teachers need, teachers and community members worked together to donate interim funding and advocate for the return of State support.

Many Teacher Centers around the state closed that year, but largely through the efforts of the Friends and the component districts, the Jefferson-Lewis Teacher Center remained open. Once state funding was restored we were better able to provide programs, equipment and resources to support the teachers of our area.

That’s why, even in a time of restored funding, we ask you to show your support and join the Friends of the Center. One of the primary purposes of the Friends of the Jefferson-Lewis Teacher Center remains: to show committed support for teacher-oriented professional development activities for hundreds of north country educators. The Teacher Center also furthers the profession by supporting student teachers and beginning educators. When you join, the vouchers for Teacher Center services will provide more than your money’s worth of programs and resources. You may use vouchers for any Teacher Center resource, including workshops, laminating, poster making, etc. The vouchers may be used any time during the school year.

Thank you for becoming a member of this organization. After all, friends really are more important than money.