Tri-County Art Association

Tri-County Art Association

Executive Minutes from June 2006
Borders, Watertown

Jeri Haldeman (Chair) and Anne Marie DeGraff (Treasurer) Liz and BJ were unable to attend and nobody else RSVP’s.

There is $ 378.45 in the checking account.

It was decided to add newzjunkie to the Publicity list for the exhibit in June. Stefanie Martin agreed to do the award ceremony for this upcoming exhibit. (Does anyone know where she is?) Liz Smith is the new chair for Judging. It was asked to add an Alan B. Tuttle award officially, so that the ribbon could be printed, but Alan has not decided if he will contribute on a regular basis. Ribbons need to be inventoried, and that will be given to Liz. Reminder: Ribbons need to be ordered in a timely matter to avoid added rush fees. I will work with BJ on sponsorship, so that I can take over when she retires. Brian Hallett is going to Chair programs. Winners must be included in the programs. Take Down will remain relatively the same, the more the merrier. Refreshments need a chairperson. If possible, someone already in the group could take over, please let Jeri know.

For Set-up it was reported that we need to wash all risers and glass shelves! For all teachers who have students that receive awards, we are asking that you notify them ASAP, so that they can be at the ceremony. It was also suggested that teachers be present during the ceremony to hand out awards. Refreshments will not be served during awards.

Once money is distributed, envelopes must be printed prior to the opening. It is not decided who should have this task, judging, award ceremony or the treasurer? It was decided during the June meeting to pay Kathleen Aschmann (BHCS student who filled in last minute for entertainment) $50.00. After much debate via the internet, consensus is that the show will remain up until 2:30 when the tear-down committee begins. I apologize for any misunderstandings. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Please send suggestions to me ASAP for the March professional development day. The sooner we have suggestions, the faster we can reserve speakers, a meeting place etc…If you have anything that you would like to post, Sheila Owen has offered to give us a link on her space. Contact her at the Teacher’s Center:

I am staying on for this academic school year as Chairperson of the Tri-county Art Teachers’ Association. I would love to work with someone to make the future transition for next year easier. It would be a much smoother transition for the next chair or chairs than to walk away and have someone later piece it all together. I will help anyway that needs it, but after this year I will be finished as Chairperson. I never thought I would enjoy it so much, but my turn is definitely over. I will work with the team that decides to take over for professional development as well as the student exhibition. The only time it gets hairy is prior to the show in May, and when we all work together as we have been, it is smooth sailing. Planning professional development has been “easy” thanks to Sheila Owen at the Teacher Center. I would like to remind everyone that Executive meetings are for anyone that would like to come and participate. There are none scheduled at this time. There will be NO professional development for the month of October. I had asked for suggestions from all of you several times. I had no response. Sheila was sad, and remains an incredible resource for each of us and our organization. I hope that we can start planning for March. Please send me your suggestions ASAP.

Have a great school year,

Jeri Haldeman